Shutter Thumbnails Not Saved to Server

I used the Shutter drag and drop method and had the Thumbnail Type: Generated Image (max 500px) setting on. Everything seemed to work so I published the site. It was all a bit slow then I remembered Adam in the video mentioning to switch off generate thumbnail once the page design was complete and then re-publish. I did this and tried on one page first, no thumbnails. Examining the page folder files on the server all I can see are my full sized image files, no thumbnails were generated and saved.
Maybe I am missing something. When the page is first published with generate thumbnail on should it create a thumbnail jpg. Unless it does there will be no thumbnail.
I am using Rapidweaver 8 with Foundry 3. Is the issue because I publish to a folder on my computer and use Transmit to upload my files via FTP rather than via Rapidweaver. I would have thought the files generated would be the same.

The thumbnails are generated by your web server the first time the page with Shutter is loaded. You should turn “generate thumbnails” on, publish and then load the live page with Shutter in your browser. Once the thumbnails are generated, turn “generate thumbnails” off and re-publish. I think you may have missed loading the page on the live site before turning generation off.

You should do the same process when you add or change any of the images. You want to make sure to turn it off after you have generated thumbnails, so your server is not creating them everything the page is loaded.

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Thank you for the solution. I am still having a few issues as I have not touched my website in 10 years so I am forgetting a few of the fundamentals. I’m hoping after my 4th time trying this that it will work. That plus I must reduce the size of my full scale images.
Re watching that portion of the video with the value of hindsight showed me I missed the point.