Side Menu with sub-menus and Anchors

Hi Experts, Help needed!

Please see attached screenshot for easier understanding what I am looking for to create:
I am suing side- menu (top menu and a 1st level sub-menus about 5) I would like to have the content of the page viewed with a scrolling once clicked on top and on each sub-menu (using Anchor). I have managed to use Anchor for the top of the page using Mega Menu on other page but I am not succeeding using (Anchor) for scrolling with 1 level menu with side-menu.

How can I use Anchor with a multilevel menu?

Any thoughts!
Thanks | Monica

Hi @Monica – Which particular stack are you referring to? There are only a couple of navigation stacks in Foundry that use the anchor links for one-page navigation, but I want to be sure I know which one specifically you’re referring to. This is because if the stack is not designed specifically to scroll the display when anchor links are clicked they will simply work like normal anchor links and jump to their destination position. The scrolling behavior is achieved through specific javascript, so the stack has to be coded specifically to do that.

@elixirgraphics - Hi Adam, both stacks (Mega Menu and Vertical Nav)! well, I am not good with coding :slight_smile: so I guess I have to find another solution.

Yes, the Vertical Navigation stack is definitely not designed with the scrolling anchor links in mind. You can use anchor links of your own, they just will not scroll.