Sidekick and 'operating system' child stack

When testing the sidekick stack I found out that the user agent information related to iPhone, iPad mini and bigger iPads does not give the results as expected.
This can easily be tested by changing the user agent settings in Safari.

I think the stack needs to distinguish between ‘IOS’ (instead of ‘iPhone’ for iPhones and iPad minis) and ‘iPadOS’ (for iPads bigger than iPad mini) to return the correct result.

@elixirgraphics : Can you confirm this behavior and if yes, might this be an improvement for the next sidekick update?


I’m away from my computer right now so I’m not clear on what you’re outlining. You’re saying that Sidekick treats all iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) as one OS, correct? If so this is how Sidekick is meant to work.

I thinks Apple is distinguishing between IOS and iPadOS it would be only logical, if sidekick would do this, too, or at least call the operating system ‘IOS’ instead of ‘iPhone’ :slight_smile:


So this is a feature request then and not a bug report, that’s where I was confused. I’ll look into it, but as of now that is not what Sidekick is designed to do.

I do not understand this argument, because it would allow sidekick to distinguish between ‘MacOS’ and ‘non-MacOS’ only…

But you decide… Because iPadOS currently is the official version of IOS for iPads it therefore should be part of sidekicks operating system list. Think of the additional use cases your customer could implement with sidekick, if this would be the case.

@TomS2 – I am not arguing with you. I literally said:

Currently, before looking into it, right now, as Sidekick stands:

Additionally, something else to note – Apple identifies iPads as macOS by default now I believe in the Safari settings on iPad in the Request Desktop Website section.

Update for Sidekick went out today:



  • Adds more options for OS detection, including more Windows versions and ability to differentiate iPhone from iPad. Note though that Apple currently defaults iPadOS to identify itself as macOS in the Safari settings within the iPad Settings app. This is found in the “Request Desktop Website” section. This means iPad visitors will most times be identified as macOS to Sidekick, as most people are unlikely to turn this setting off on their iPad.
  • Other small tweaks.

Thanks @elixirgraphics, very profound solution :slight_smile: Well done!
That’s why I am a fan of your products :+1:

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