SideSlide behaviour

I am trying to use SideSlide as navigation pane for local page links, i.e. to jump to markers on the current open page. The links are working fine and the page can be seen to scroll to the correct part of a page while the SideSlide is open. However, when the SideSlide is closed, the page position jumps back to where it was when it was opened. Is there a way to disable this behaviour and not return the page position to where it was when SideSlide is opened?

The reason this is happening is that while scrolling in the Side Slide itself is enabled the stack disables scrolling on the page itself while the pane is open. To ensure that the page didn’t lose its positioning due to browser width changes, etc, the page’s original position is restored when the pane is closed.

Your anchor links are causing it to bypass the disabled scrolling, but once that pane closes the page’s previous position is restored. There is not a feature work around for disabling that.

Gary: This may not be the option you were looking for but I’m 95% positive I tested the same thing using Will’s Jump stack. In essence I put his “ToC” div into the SideSlide stack. It seemed to work perfectly for me. I’m often writing in markdown so the Jump stack automatically picks up the headers. But it works without markdown as well. At least it’s worth a try. If I have time today I’ll try to test this out again. (I decided on a different page design for the relevant project so that’s why I don’t have it at hand.)

Gary: Quick update. I was wrong: the jump + slidestack does not fare any better. What I had done was the create 2 columns on a page: one column for all content, another for the Jump table of contents. That works quite nicely.

Thanks anyway. I tried the Modal but that behaves in the same way.