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Using F3, Typeface stack/tool. If I want to use a simple so-called web-safe font, but something a little more stylish than Helvetica or Arial, let’s say Georgia or Times… in Typeface, I can ‘add’ a ‘Standard Font’ and I get the orange font box. I type ‘Georgia, Arial’ in there, and Assign it to, let’s say ‘Typeface 3’ in my dropdown list. But when assigning that to a Header, the font is not changing in my Preview mode. What am I missing? Is there a setting somewhere? Do I have to Self-Host these web-safe fonts, or use Google, or can I just type them in, assuming most people’s devices have these fonts? My device has them, but as I said, nothing is changing in Preview mode.

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I just setup a very basic test and it seems to be working as expected.

You can see my setup below, with a screenshot of Edit Mode.

Here’s a look at the font in Preview Mode, along with a look at the code, too:

Hi Adam. Thank you for taking the time to set up that little test/demo. Much appreciated.

I’m really glad you sent the screenshots as well, because I learned something. Playing with this, I found that if you type two font names into the ‘Typeface’ orange font box (like so: “Georgia, Arial”), for whatever reason, my program would just keep defaulting to Arial. It wouldn’t change to the first named font. But if I do as you did, just type a single font name in, (“Georgia”), assign and choose it… it does change!!

That’s very interesting. So apparently we don’t need to place two font names in the ‘Standard Font’ Typeface box. Just one, and any default needed will be the ‘Fallback’ choice below, ‘sans-serif’ etc.

Awesome. That’s very helpful. Thank you. :blush:

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P.S. Ahh, I just noticed that in your Edit Mode settings, you typed a single font name in the Typeface ‘Standard Font’ box ‘Font Name’ setting, but then below in the ‘Fallback Font’ setting, you typed ‘Times,’ along with ‘serif.’ I see… I SEE!!

Thanks again. :+1:

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Yes, exactly. You want just your primary font in the main field and your fallback(s) in the fallback field. :+1: