Simulate does not work


I need help with a project I made a couple of months ago. When I now open it it shows me only the start page in simulate-mode. When I click on another page (with the simlation on) it always jumpes back to the start page. Only when I close the simulation-window I can work on the different pages of the project.
Like this I can’t work with the project any more, if I can’t see and control what changes I am doing.

I am working with a new macbook pro 16’’, might that be a reason for the problem?
Does anybody has suggestions how to solve the problem???

The url is:

Thank you in advance for your help,

Hi @6harps

I can’t replicate this behaviour myself, do a RapidWeaver re-start or even a system one maybe it helps.



Thank you for your quick reply. No, this doesn’t help. And I have this issue only with this project. With other projects, that I made also with my old computer, there is no problem, - so it can’t be because of the change of computer and MacOS.
Does anybody have ideas what to do?
Thanks you, best regards

Is it possible to get a copy of your project file to look at it? If so, email a ZIP file containing that project file at adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Just received your project file. Whew, that was a long time between posting and getting your project. That said, the problem is due to the way you’ve structured your site’s folders.

An example:

See how you have no folder name (see red box), but instead a / in the folder name’s place? That is not good form. each page should get a folder name. Do not use a slash in this field at all.

Also, you’ve named your page’s filenames something other than index (see teal box). It is best practice for the filename to be index.html or index.php` depending on your page type.

Thank you very much, Adam, that solved the problem!!!
Stay tuned…

Glad to hear that sorted it out for you.

What am I staying tuned for?

That’s how we say (in Germany) among musicians - and since you are an artist in your field I thought to say hello to you like this.
Best wishes

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