Site Index Stack

At present I use four columns each containing a Linked List stack to create an alphabetical table of index for my site.
So the first column has a Linked List containing items from A to G, column 2 Items from H to M and so on
Its more than a site map because, for example, I have a page called “biscuits” but the linked list has entries for “shortbreads” “savoury biscuits” “crispbreads” all linked to that page.
Is there a neater way to do this in Foundry?

Sorry for taking a while to get back to you @Phloque – had no WIFI the past couple days. Just got home though, so that is resolved. :slight_smile:

There’s not a stack to do what you’re outlining. That is something pretty specific, which is why you’ve had to manually generate it. Sounds like you’re doing it the best you can expect, if I’m understanding your needs correctly.

Thanks Adam :grinning:

No problem. You might try to use Partials for your custom site map page element(s) you’re building though in case you want to reuse any of those pieces elsewhere on the site.

Thanks Adam. Yes, that’s certainly what I do because I’ve got the “sitemap” on every page.

You know what it’s like - the endless pursuit of perfection through simplicity.

Can drive you nuts at times.

But someone’s got to do it.