Site that resizes navigation

Hi, I seen a site that if you reduce the window on a destop the size of the navigation text get smaller rather than in most cases causes it to runs on to the next line and upset the design. Is this possible with Foundry.

Foundry has several responsive navigation options, from its standard Navigation Bar and Vertical Navigation to its more advanced options like Mega Menu and Navigation Bar Pro. These all act responsively based on browser and / or device width to adjust the navigation layout, etc. Have a look at the tutorial videos that are found on the documentation pages on the Foundry site. There are videos on each of the following pages for their related navigation tools:

You can find more navigation tool options on the documentation pages as well.

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Hi Adam, Thank you for your reply if out have time to check out the navigation text resizing on this site as this is what I meant about resizing the browser window

The navigation items in Foundry do not alter the font size itself. IMHO the site you linked to is doing this because they’ve got an excess of navigation items in that horizontal navigation bar. If I were designing that page I would pare down the number of top tier items instead of shrinking the font to a very small size.