Slide Navigation & Banner arrow not clickable on publication

I have used both of these stacks before but something is evading me right now and I appreciate anyone’s thoughts as to what I am doing wrong.

Both Slide Navigation and the Banner arrow are showing up on the website but are not clickable. When I do click Slide Navigation, the url changes to:

I have tried different browsers too just to double check but there is no difference.

I have Foundry v1.3.3.7, stacks 3.6.5 and Rapidweaver 7.5.6.

You have a plethora of javascript errors on the URL you provided. I’m not sure if that URL is the one you wanted us to look at though. First thing I would do is to try doing a Republish All Files from within RapidWeaver. Then clear your browser cache and let us know how things go.

If you still have problems, please send me a a URL to the live page, as well as a ZIP file containing your project file. When you do also provide me details on the problem as well as where in the project file I will see these problems when I open it up.

Thank you :slight_smile: I feel a little ridiculous that it was just a clear it all and start from scratch. The menu and scroll are working after the purge and re-publish…unfortunately I lost the pretty gradient animation. I’ll try to play around with it. :slight_smile: is the website address.