Slider content type slides


Does anyone have an example of a Foundry slider in action using content type slides? Is it possible to add content over an image with say a header, a few lines of text and a button - with different content over different images on each slide.
Or, maybe text animating in like here -

Thank you

on the documentation for the slider stack it shows the option of hero slide. don’t know about adding a button though

Yes, only text can be added to a slide as a hero mode. There isn’t an option to add additional stacks to a slide, images only.

Actually I believe you can hardcode with HTML a button in the Sub-title field.

This is the small sub-title for this hero slide... <br><a href="#" style="margin-top: 20px;" role="button" class="btn btn-lg btn-primary">Button</a>

It works for me :wink:



Thanks for the replies. I’ve taken the plunge, bought Foundry and look forward to playing around with it.

I’ve added the Hero slide to my list of things to look at for improvements. Will have to see if I can’t work some extra stuff into it. That being said though you can add Content slides to the Slider stack as well by clicking the blue plus sign at the bottom of the stack:

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