Slipstream & Slider

I am having a problem getting Slider to position correctly when using it in a Slipstream Content Item.

Slider is sizing to the whole width of the page and the List items are stacked one on top of another at the top of the page. If I remove the Slider then Slipstream behaves as I would expect it to with the Content items shown to the right of the List items.

In the Slider documentation example, when I resize the documentation page, Slider (and the images) resize themselves. I realise that the documentation has Slider in a Partition.

Is there a way to get Slider to resize itself when used with Slipstream?

You cannot use those items in conjunction with one another. Slider needs to see the page and the space it has available to it for sizing the slides. When inside Slipstream it cannot do this during page load. When building a page the K.I.S.S. method is always the best. You’re mixing two quite complex items in this case that don’t work together due to the way they work.

OK, I just assumed it would work because it did in F2 using Slider in Glide. I shall have to look at a different design.

Maybe the Slider documentation could point out this restriction?

btw, I really like F3 and its flexibility and modularity. :grinning:

Sorry, there are too many combination when building modularly to do something like that.

OK, so how are we meant to know. Discover it doesn’t work and post a question on the forum?


That said – good rule of thumb: if something has an effect or hides content that can be shown through some sort of interaction, like a slider for example, you shouldn’t put it in another tool that does the same. An example – Slider in Tabs. Bad idea. They both do the same thing and rely on the same code to check available space during page load. As I said the K.I.S.S. method is a great rule to follow.

As with anything in life you can learn a lot from doing.

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