Sneak-peek: New project Create. Feat. Shutter & Flux pages (Optional)

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a new 100% pure Elixir project and it’s nearly ready for launch. As usual, I’ll fire up a link here to the demo so people can get a sneak peek and also make any last-minute requests for additional elements/features.

Create: Home Flux | Create

There are two versions of the homepage. One using the new Flux stack. Another replacing Flux with the regular Grid stack.

There is also a bonus gallery page powered by Elixir’s new Shutter stack.

In addition to the gallery page, there is also a single RW “code” that installs a file manager directly into the /batch/ folder created by Shutter, that will allow you to log in and manage the contents of the folder and so add items to the Shutter powered gallery page.

It gets better!

As well as the file manager page Create will also come with a @instacks Repository 2 page, which will also connect directly to the /batch/folder/ for gallery content management.

Create doesn’t ship with Repository 2, but the stack is all set up within the project for you. You just need to buy it, and to really sweeten the deal all Create buyers will get a unique 30% voucher code for Repository 2.

I hope you like the new template, I have to say I’m very pleased with it. Feel free to comment below and make any last minute requests etcc.


looks awesome. I particularly like how you’ve done the Projects page.

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Thanks. The project page is done using the Foundry Sort stack, with the Reveal stack used to add a bit of animation. There is also a bit of custom CSS to finetune things.

Everything is up on the Template Repo site now, just need to make some videos for the project, which will hopefully be in the morning. Fingers crossed it’ll be available to buy tomorrow PM.


Looks great @TemplateRepo, great use of flux and shutter stacks. Well laid out website. Nice touch with the email and contact in the footer.