Sneek-peek: New project Paris, featuring Alloy

Paris For Foundry2. Incorporating Potion & Thunder Pack With Optional Alloy3 Blog.

I’ve been working for a few weeks on this project, and while it’s a very different design to my last Foundry project Architecture I’m actually more excited about Paris as it uses Alloy3 for the blog page.

I’m new to Alloy3, and to cut to the chase: It’s blown me away. It’s just so good. In Paris, I’ve focussed on the blogging function, although of course, it does so much more. I’ve been using all of its features on a couple of client sites recently, and it’s been a joy to work with.

Anyway, enough about Alloy, back to Paris. :wink:

I’ve still got a bit of tidying around the edges to do, and I’m continually tweaking the blog page, but I’m expecting to have it ready for launch by the weekend.

As usual, I’m tried to push all the Foundry stacks to the max, using them in ways I’ve not seen before, and I’m pleased to say I’ve found a couple of nice little tricks. Some are needing a tiny bit of custom CSS, some achieved by mixing specific stacks.

A first for me with Paris is it’s 100% native stacks. So far (I think) all my templates have used the frameworks core stacks with a smattering of third party stacks. But with Foundry2, the Potion and Thunder addon packs and of course Alloy3 I’ve just not felt the need.

Paris is 100% pure Foundry!

So enough waffle… Have a peek here

Also, as I’ve now got quite a few Foundry projects I’ve put together a bundle of my most popular projects. That too will be ready for the weekend.

Once it’s all ready to go, I’ll post again and include some discount codes so the early buyers can get a good discount.


Nicely done! I look forward to seeing the final version, and future projects!


Just take my money! :slight_smile: