Social Badges & Twitter

I appreciate Twitter sprung this one on us with their change of badge from the ‘blue bird’ to the ‘X’, so there’s not been much time to update any stacks. So I just wanted to ask, are there any plans to update the icons on the Social Badges stack in F2? If there is great, I can wait; if not, I’ll need to take another approach to update a website I maintain.

Thanks :pray:t2:

The Social Media icons are a part of an icon font library. I don’t have any control over the contents of those libraries. In Foundry 2 FontAwesome 4 is used, as that is what Stacks offers via its API. FontAwesome v4 is end of life, and won’t be further updated.

In Foundry 3 we offer a choice between Bootstrap Icons and FontAwesome 5. When and if those get updated I’ll ship updates for Foundry 3 with those changes. Bootstrap Icons has been pretty regularly updated since it came out. I suspect they’ll add the new X logo eventually. I can’t speak for FontAwesome 5 though.

All that said, I have zero control over what is offered in those libraries or not.

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Thanks, Adam. I’ll look at other options for the older F2 site I maintain. Not an issue yet for me on F3, as I don’t have a Twitter icon on any sites.

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