Something is wrong with the style button in Sort Stack

See the picture. How can I fix this?
Skjermbilde 2021-05-31 kl. 10.55.33

Hmm, not seeing it here on my main Catalina machine:

Any chance you’re on a different OS? Big Sur? What browser? What version of that browser? Details are important.

MacBook M1, Big Sur and Safari. Latest OS.

Same problem on iPad Pro.

I’ll add it as something to look at after the holiday weekend for a future Thunder Pack update.


Seems like it is likely going to be a Safari bug, but I’ll give it a look. This is what I’m seeing on Catalina. Will dig out the Big Sur (:face_vomiting:) laptop tomorrow.

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Definitely appears to be a bug specific to Safari v14 on Big Sur. I’ll see if I can’t work out a solution to target this particular browser or something else for a future update.