Sorry, done something stupid

I cannot scroll down the edit area to the bottom. Have obviously hit a button somewhere and don’t know how to undo. Help please?

Can you post a screenshot of your Rapidweaver window in edit mode. You may have the banner in responsive mode and content is pushed down but not visible. Adam may need your project file also. Zip it and send it to him.

Contact info here

Hi @Steve_J thank you. Pulling my hair out here. Image attached.

You need to adjust the banner height manually. I’m not at my desk at this time, otherwise I would show you. Look at the documentation page for the banner to see the setting you need to adjust.

@Steve_J thanks. Will review and see if I can fix. The only height adjustment I can see is the publishing cut offs, which I have adjusted.

Look at these screenshots. You need to disable the banner height adjustment for each breakpoint and use the Margin stack to adjust it. It is much more flexible.


@Steve_J Thank you very much. I will do that. Much appreciated. Self-teaching has its limitations!