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Hi Folks,
I’m using the ‘Sort’ Stack to make a Masonry image gallery. It’s pretty amazing because I can switch off all the sorting features and just use it as a very cool gallery that lets me drop any other stacks into it! Currently I’m dropping ‘Zoom’ and the odd video embed in there to get a masonry gallery with videos and lightbox images… This is better than anything else I’ve found so far out there! So kudos for that one!
However I wonder if I’m missing something as when I remove all the padding from the ‘items’ I’m still getting a good 25 pixels between them. Is there some way I can control this? I’d like to have a smaller gap and/or no gap at all. Then it would be perfect.??

Even if it needs CSS…

Many Thanks

Note that by doing this you’re adding overhead to your page in the form of code that is not being used. The stack is meant to be used for sorting and will contain that sorting code whether you’re “using it” or not.

Ah ok good to know. Problem is there’s nothing else out there that can display a masonry grid of mixed items like this. (not that I can find anyhow).

Have you given Bricks a look? :brick:


@elixirgraphics I don’t believe it! I’ve been looking for something all day and all the time you had the perfect solution!! I’m so obsessed with Foundry I had completely forgotten to look at your other stacks! D’oh!
Just brilliant! Exactly what I need.

Thanks a million Adam!

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Not a problem at all. Glad to help out. :+1:

I ended up buying Bricks, Flatbutton and Bloom too! That will save me messing with CSS for button styling! Very nice looking plugins… Thanks.

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I use Bricks all the time. Really useful stack - i.e.


Hi @Rob How come it chooses to stick Huw Williams and Maartin Allcock right at the bottom left instead of stacking it in one of the other columns to even it out? Is that a Masonry thing?