Spacing Stack XXL setting

I just noticed that in the Spacing Stack the XL and XXL settings don’t work. Whatever I set there is not showing on the page or preview. Oh, and the labelling for the XXL Breakpoint is wrong :wink:

And while I’m at it, when I clicking in the field to enter a margin value, I usually just type e.g. 5 after clicking, to get 50 and then hint enter. I do get an error then though, because I need to use a comma instead of the dot, that’s there by default.

Already known and fixed for next update.

Presets or custom values?

Values in CSS use periods for their decimal point. That’s just how it is.


Custom values.

That I do know. I was just wondering why I get an error when I enter it that way. I am forced to use a comma instead of a period when I enter values manually. And the input field shows a comma then as well.

Something with your setup perhaps. I can enter decimal values here with no error. See video of me doing so here: CleanShot 2023-02-10 at 09.27.56 · CleanShot Cloud

If you can show me how to recreate your problem I’d be glad to try. But Foundry doesn’t control that.

I’ll take a look today.

Dunno why, but this is what I get when I enter values with a period:

You’ll need to take that one up with Isaiah unfortunately. Perhaps it has to do with locale settings on your Mac? :person_shrugging::person_shrugging::person_shrugging:

Found the problem. Was a simple typo. :person_facepalming:

Ah, possible. Though my Mac OS runs in English. Hm…

On my side or yours?

Mine. Hence the face palm.


You were only seeing the custom values problem on Margins right, not Padding?

Haven’t used custom values for padding settings yet. Tried it just now. Same issue on XL and XXL settings.

Strange the Padding seems to be working here: You have the checkbox enabled and window open far enough?

Of course. I used the top margin only. Just tried it with the padding, and those seem to work on XL and XXL. Just margin does not at those breakpoints.

Awesome. Thanks for verifying. Just want to be on the same page. These are fixed and ready for update.


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