Spark - Banner/Title Background Question

I would like to run a transparent background for the site title across the banner in Spark. I would, however would like the background (“overlay effect”) to run the full width of the banner. Can you please advise?
For reference I am linking a copy of with this minor mod . . . . .

Thank You.

Is this generally the sort of layout for the overlay effect that you’re talking about?

If so that is created by switching the Banner stack’s Inner Container from Fixed to Fluid:

That being said – right now you can’t make it stretch all the way edge-to-edge as the .row that the Banner’s content is in has a small amount of padding on it that is put there by Bootstrap. I will add this to the list of things to update though.


Yes. That’s the idea - Thank you. I look forward to the addition, although this is already better - Thank you again.

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Not a problem. I’ll try to get it into the next update. The next update is a bigger update so it is still a little ways off though, so be patient with me and I’ll do my best to have it in there. :slight_smile: