Specific Third Party Stacks Add-On Support Using Foundry

I read where Foundry does it’s best to support 3rd party add-on stacks but due to the number of third party stacks, there is no way to test all. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the following stacks and if they have had any problems with those stacks working in Foundry? Joe Workman’s PageSafe stack and Rapid-Ideas Social Stream stack Also, would a iFrame stack within Foundry be able to handle a third party web form from these people? https://www.machform.com Any comments appreciated. Thank-you.

Hi @BornDixie!

I don’t have either of those two stacks for testing against Foundry, unfortunately. Maybe some of the other users here that do have those can shed some light on those. My initial thought though, knowing what the stacks are, is that they should work ok in Foundry.

As for iFrames – traditional iFrames are not responsive, so you’d not want to use an iFrame with Foundry since it is a responsive environment. That being said, the link you posted says their forms are responsive. I’m not sure how their forms are embedded in your site. I’d assume it is through a code snippet though and not an iFrame. If you have a sample snippet of code from their form embedding you’d like to send me to look at I can let you know though.

I can confirm that PageSafe works in Foundry, see here:


Sweet! See, I knew someone would know for you @BornDixie!


I can confirm that the Machforms iFrame embed code works perfectly well inside an html stack in Foundry. Its 100% fine. However, better, MachForms now generates javascript embed code too. Thats what I use as first choice and it works beautifully in Foundry also.

So, as far as Machforms is concerned, you are good to go.


Thank you to all for your quick response. Foundry is really intriguing and as soon as I do some computer house cleaning, Adam has another sale of another fine product.