Spinning wheel when switching to articles


When using Safari I often get a spinning wheel when selecting an article.
If I try Firefox most of the time there’s no issue.

On iPad and iPhone the same happens when using Safari.
When using Chrome, Firefox on my Android phone it works.

Any clues??

Mooi Brabant

Thanks in advance,

The “spinning wheel” is the transition’s loading indicator. The reason some of your pages take a long time to load, and why you see the indicator for an extended period is because you have video embeds on them. Transition doesn’t show the page until every, single item on the page has fully loaded. This includes embeds, which are dealing with outside sites. Since you have no control over outside sites, or the internet between you and them, it can take a while for them to fully load. Most times you don’t notice, because embeds load in the background. Transition though, like I said, waits for everything to finish, as it is supposed to do.

Thanks for the quick response.
I already was thinking something like that.

As I’d like to include video, and Alloy doesn’t support this, I made the decision to add an iFrame to Vimeo. Vimeo is usually fast responding, not always though.

Other option could be creating a link where visitors have to click on. Could work but doesn’t look this attractive. Finding the right balance is key.

I’m open for suggestions

Cheers, Peter

:facepunch: I’m trying below as a solution. I may tweak this a bit in the future.
Also by adding size etc.

Click on below picture to show the video

IBergsche Maas - Heusden Brug

Cheers, Peter

I did try one of your blog posts and it seemed to never load in Safari. I’m not sure what the problem is. Are you using multiple embeds within one post? If you are then I’d suggest one embed per post.

Alloy supports embeds quite nicely. So I don’t think that’s the problem. A typical video I include would have this format:

<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/relevant-number" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The picture link example you give just above seems to work fine also. Can you tell us how many embeds you are trying to include in one post? If it’s only 1 there’s something weird going on. If there’s multiple you may want to rethink things a bit.

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I’ve been wondering how embed videos too. What you suggests seems easy.
And PeterFuhren, thanks for help me out last week.
(The vital senior)

Personally I’d opt to have embeds and forego the transition effect. Transition animations are neat, but non-essential.


That (iframe embed) is exactly how I’m adding Vimeo video.
Just 1 video/embed per article (max.), next to 2 pictures or so.

Your experience that some pages just never load are the same experiences I have. Very annoying.
I can live with a spinning wheel for a second, not loading at all is something you just don’t want on your site.

What is strange, is that I NEVER have any issues when looking from my Android device and
I’m almost ALWAYS having issues when using Safari (iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone). I’m wondering what’s happening.

Just can’t be the case the Vimeo response is slow only when I’m using my Apple devices.
Anyhow, I’m glad to find a workaround (and the one I found this morning could do alright) but I’d like to know what’s happening.

Not only because I like the current setup but also because I want to know.

Thanks for all your responses btw :+1:

@PeterFuhren You might want to send the project file to Adam @elixirgraphics to take a look at.

I suppose a potential problem could be the size of the images. How large are they? But, overall, this seems very strange behavior. And Alloy handles video embeds quite nicely and quickly.

I don’t think this is something I need to look at. I don’t believe this is a bug with Alloy or Transition.

To be honest, I do think this could be an issue with Foundry or Alloy.

The site set-up is very simple, with only very few (Foundry) stacks and, as of yesterday, one non-Foundry stack. The issues were there before.
I’ve build quite some more advanced sites that performed okay. Even www.activebeauty.nl (Foundation/TotalCMS) is more complex but without any issues. (I have to say this site is without video btw).

The images are quite small, below 1MB, so that won’t cause the issue.
When I’m using my Android phone on 4G it even loads fast.

Only when embedding Vimeo, the problem occurs.
When you look at the “Ooievaar” or “Jachthaven Heusden” pages, you’ll see the difference between image only and image & video/vimeo.

As a clue: the test setup from this morning (adding a URL to an image) loads fast, over and over again, without any hickups. And clicking on the image also opens Vimeo fast.
I’ll publish this page again (now in draft)

While I don’t know what’s causing the issue, I’d appreciate if @elixirgraphics could take a look at it.
Like said before: slowing down due to processing data (or rendering) can happen. Not loading at all is strange.


As I mentioned I think the use of embeds with the Transition stack in this scenario is the problem. If you remove Transition does the post load as expected?

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Addendum: If you’d like to send me your project file I’d be glad to look at it, but the advice will likely be the same. Send the ZIP file containing your project file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

I would duplicate your RW file. Use that file as a test case. If you have a testing server or another hidden directory on your hosting for testing I would start removing stacks one at a time that may be an offender. Remove what @elixirgraphics said to, upload it on your hidden url, test the crap out of it. If that does not work, remove another stack, etc… This is a tried and true method that the developer of Stacks taught me a long time ago with the first version of Stacks.

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Yes, I overlooked you were using the Transition stack. That’s the obvious culprit in this case. No use sending Adam something until you have tested how things work once this is removed.

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I didn’t read well and overlooked the Transition suggestion made earlier today. Sorry.

So, I removed it and it works like a charm over and over (and over) again.

Thanks guys! You made my day!