Stack Idea: Container with angles


I have been playing around with the Sections Pro stack from BWD which is quite complicated. Looking at the container stack: is it possible to add a container stack consisting of two color sections and an angle section? This way it is really simple to define an angle, e.g. 4% and a top and a bottom color. And we have a stack with the possibility of using angles in our design-work.

What do you think?



I liked it better when I thought you wanted Angels in the Container stack. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness though, this wouldn’t likely be something for the Container stack. That stack is not really as focused on styling things as much as providing a way to contain things in specific ways.

That being said, I have something on my todo list that would deal more with backgrounds and such. I can add this angle thing to the list of possibilities for it. Though its inclusion isn’t guaranteed, I will look into it. :+1:

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:slight_smile: Angels are needed elsewhere as foundry is just fun to work with. Yes, please look into it. Anyway I am looking foreward to seeing the upcoming add ons to Foundry!