Steel Project Images

Hello everyone, I am using the steel project to build my site which is . The site is online but not finished as yet a work in progress. The issue I am having is the images for the about us page. The images I place in the image holders display correctly in the tablet and phone modes, but on their sides in the desktop mode. I am not sure how to correct this. If someone could provide some assistance it would be most appreciated. Cheers

Your images were likely taken on a device that store the orientation information in its EXIF data. Best thing to do it open your image in something like Photoshop and re-save it (after sizing it appropriately for the web). Save it with a different name. Photoshop will strip that EXIF data. You can also use an app like Squash to compress your image which also has the option of removing EXIF data. Then replace the image in your project with the new image.

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