Sticky & Alloy opportunity

If you work with 2 columns with the categories on the right and the latest news, this should be able to scroll down with column 1 where my blog is. I tried this with sticky but it doesn’t work. I have an opportunity to do this. See
Best Regards, Tom

Just so I can be clear on what you want to do – you’re looking to ‘sticky’ the sidebar in place as the rest of the page scrolls, correct? If so, I’ll offer up this as a suggestion – don’t do it. As that sidebar grows it will get to a point where it will not fit on smaller laptop screens, and when it is “sticky” your visitors will be unable to access the content that might run off the screen. Just my 2 cents.

As for your particular project – I’d have to look at the project file to see what you have going on and why it might not be working. You seem to have a lot going on on your page, including other “sticky” content. It could be any number of things. If you want to send me a copy of your project file I can look at it at my next opportunity, but it likely will not be today unfortunately.

Again though, my 2 cents would be to not “sticky” the sidebar, but that is up to you and what you want out of your site.