Sticky Menu Confusion!

I have Foundry, Portion stacks and have created a sticky menu but, have inluded a bar above the menu as per screen print. What I have been trying to do is to have both the top bar and mega menu to stick at the top. I have tried everything and I cant get both to stick - I am stuck!

Can nybody help/point me in the right direction please?

Thanks in advance.


live example can be see here -->>

Try to set both into the sticky stack but disable sticky in the mega menu…

Thanks Fuelemann

Unfortunately the clients want the sticky look to stay. Maybe, what you suggest is the only way to have two layers on the menu!

Thanks and best regards

If you use e. g. mega menu it will work fine and keep sticky. You just have to make sure sticky is not enabled in the mega menu itself…

I suggest you think hard about this before implementing. You need to think about all users of your website. People still use 13" MBP and smaller laptops or iPads in landscape. On my MBP13, you are using a bit over 26% (186px of 720px) of available browser area for sticky content. I’m sure it’s similar on my iPad in landscape.

This makes it very hard to actually view/consume the main content of the site. You know, the content people came to the site to see/read. When my view of the content is that restricted, I do not stay on a site very long.

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Thanks very much for the exmaple - work very well with thans



Thanks for your comments.

I will test on all devices - good shout.