Sticky navigation with two bars in F3?

I am rebuilding my F2-site in F3.

I like my navigation, but I do not know how to rebuild it in F3.

Should I put two navigation bars at the top?
How to get them both sticky and no 1 above no 2?

See picture.

Try using the Pin tool. You might be able to achieve what you want. The navigation would always be sticky but you could adjust your layout for that.

I just tested your senario with the Pin Tool and it works. Put both the top bar and the navigation inside the Pin Tool, but don’t enable sticky navigation in your Nav Tool, the Pin Tool takes care of that.

Ha, thanx!

Is it possible to get the background of the bars to 100% of the screen, while the max width of the bars will be 1100 pix?

It works fine!

Thx again.

The width of the nav bars can be set to 1100.
But for some reason the view width of the pin doesnot get 100% of the screen. But that isnot a big issue for me.

Did you set the Pin to 100vw?


It is not put in a container or whatever.

Best way for us to help you is to share your project.

the link via wetransfer:

You’ve got both navigation bars inside unnecessary max-width and spacing tools. Those tools are doing nothing but causing you this issue. Take out of those two tools and you’ll be A-OKAY.

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Thx Adam.

Sometimes live is easier than you think.

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