Strange Alloy Error

I’ve been seeing the following PHP errors I think are coming from Alloy.

These errors appear in two cases:

CASE 1 - Whenever a new article is added to the blog AND a client loads the blog page for the first time.

In this case, the following errors stream across the page. The client can refresh the page and the errors go away.

Case 1 Image

CASE 2 - A Draft Post is created in the editor

When a draft post is created in the editor, PHP warns about deprecated functions (PHP 7.2).

Case 2 Image

I have deleted the entire website and re-published all files trying to see if the problem was a badly cached or dangling file.

Hi there @claycle

I’m going to need a few things to do some troubleshooting. If you can provide the following for me it will assist in tracking down the problem:

  • Send me a ZIP file containing your project file.
  • Send me a URL to the live page.
  • Let me know what version of the following items you’re using: RapidWeaver, Stacks, Foundry, Alloy
  • Let me know who your host is.