Strange Mega Menu Behavior


please have a look at:

I am using mega menu and I have set the menu to full width. Then I added a margin of 100 left and 100 right. This looks fine when loading the site. But it misbehaves the moment you scroll down.

If I do not add a margin, it works fine. Perhaps that is the way it should be :slight_smile:

@elixirgraphics can you have a look, please? And is there a way to add some margin left and right, apart from setting a max. width?

Thank you


Post me a project file and I’ll take a look to see how you’ve configured things. The reason it is “misbehaving” is likely because you have sticky navigation enabled. It is taken out of your margin <div> most likely and thus ignores your Margins stack (if that is what you’re using). This would be expected.

The Max Width setting would be ideal for your situation I suspect.

Thats what I thought and yes, I did use the sticky menu. I go with the max width and send you the file just in case. Thank you!