Struggling to get started with Alloy

Installed Alloy and trying to do a few simple things.

The editor appears to work except that I get a message at the foot of the page while editing blog posts:

Warning : Unknown: using touch command with binary protocol is not recommended with libmemcached versions below 1.0.18, please use ascii protocol or upgrade libmemcached in Unknown on line 0

When I then view the blog page containing the Blog Entries stack, instead of posts I get:

// Logout variables $logoutButtonText = htmlentities(“Logout”);

// -------------------------------------------------

// Blog List variables $draftPostsLabel = htmlentities(“Draft Posts”); $futurePostsLabel = htmlentities(“Future Posts”); $activePostsLabel = htmlentities(“Active Posts”); $blogListHeadersStyle …

I suspect I am doing something really crass, but if you could have patience with me and suggest some things to try, I will be very grateful!


Forgot to say, when I look at the list of blogs in the editor, I get, at the top:

Warning : Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/sites/d/ on line 1753

I am still getting the warning in the editor but I am now displaying blog posts OK.

I didn’t understand that each page showing blog posts should have the posts folder named in the Alloy Control stack.

Hello @todhunk and welcome to the community –

This sounds like a problem with your PHP installation on your server. This does not seem to be related to Alloy.

A few quick questions:

  • Who is your host?
  • What version of PHP are you using?
  • Have you recently updated your PHP installation?

This is code from Alloy, but I suspect that either you have the improper version of PHP running, or that your installation of PHP is not working or is not configured properly.

Additionally I suspect you have it setup for PHP to display warnings, which you don’t want. You’ll want to disable that in your PHP settings. This though should be the last step after figuring out the “Unknown: using touch command with binary protocol…” error with your host.

Also don’t forget, as far as how Alloy itself works and how to build your pages in RapidWeaver, we have several videos that show you how to setup and use Alloy on the Alloy site, both on the Tutorials page and on the individual documentation pages as well.

My host is TSOhost.
Version of PHP is 7.1
No recent update to PHP installation

My suggestion as a first step before reaching out to your host for support would to be update to PHP v7.4. After updating you’ll likely have to wait a prescribed amount of time, which the host will indicate. After that try things out again to see if the “Unknown: using touch command with binary protocol…” error goes away. If it does not you will likely need to contact your host. I do not believe that error is originating from Alloy.

Upgraded to PHP v7.4

Only error now is:

Warning : Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/sites/d/ on line 1753

Warning : Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/sites/d/ on line 1753

showing above the list of posts in the editor.

Adding a category and tag to each post should get rid of those warnings.

They are only warnings though, and can be turned off in your PHP settings.

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Done that and the warning messages have gone.

Thanks for your help.

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Man you’re fast @TemplateRepo … I was literally typing the same thing when I watched your reply appear. @todhunk As TemplateRepo points out those are only warnings and not errors. Turn off your PHP install’s error and warning display, which you don’t need to have enabled, and you should be goof to go.