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I just bought Focus. I need to put some more text in the label of the button. It looks fine on the desktop, but the text has no line break when seen on a mobile and is thus cut off. See

Can you add an automated line break for the text in the button? It is no problem for button to grow in height. German words tend to be longer than their english counterparts :slight_smile:

Thank you


Sorry, line breaks are not something I will be adding to the Focus stack’s toggle button. It can cause problems with the morphing as the button is literally changing from the button into the modal’s background. You may not see it in all instances, but I did see problems in my initial tests when building the stack.

That being said if you have a specific instance you’re having problems with, send me a project file and point me to the instance of the Focus stack and I’ll take a look.

Thanks, send.

(And this is in regard to the 20 character rule)

Adam is there a stack at the Foundry Stacks with the same functionality as the Focus stack?

@TINO The modal stack in Foundry is quite similar, but probably not as comprehensive. You can add other stacks into the modal stack so it’s pretty versatile.

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Just sent you back a reply @Fuellemann.

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