Support for PHP 8 in Alloy

Hey Adam,

Just picked up on something. Our domain host is doing a force upgrade to PHP 8.x in October across all domains. Does that mean we will lose Alloy on our websites?

Hi @Joe – On the whole Alloy should work within PHP 8. I’ve simply not been able to do any extensive testing on it in the new environment. PHP 8 is a pretty big change from previous versions. I suspect I have some clean up to do to prevent it from reporting warnings on deprecations and the like.

As the sole person behind everything Elixir, when I work on one of the two larger products – in this case Foundry or Alloy – I have to (mostly) set the other aside for a while. Right now Alloy is waiting for me to finish up on some major Foundry updates. Once I get those knocked out I can concentrate again on Alloy in depth.

If you’d like to update to PHP 8 as a test you should be able to revert to PHP 7.4 if you experience problems. And if you do experience problems you can email me (adam at elixirgraphics dot com) those error and include your PHP error log file and project file and I’ll take a look at them.

Ok, great, thanks. Good idea. I’ll test it and see if it provides errors and then the error log could possibly assist you in development, I hope?

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Happy to report. No issues whatsoever on Alloy blog editor with both PHP 8.0 and 8.1.

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Good to hear. I suspected it should work ok. I’ve done quick testing in MAMP here, but it has just been superficial so far. It will need some clean up I’m sure still to clear up warnings and notices.

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