SVG - Where to get the code?

I have an SVG for my logo and also some SVG ‘icons’ I want to use on my F3 website.

What I don’t understand is where I get the code from to paste into the F3 SVG stack. I currently use Affinity Designer to edit and modify SVG and can see how to export, but not how to get the code - if that makes sense.

Any enlightenment appreciated.


Hi, open the SVG in a TextEdit for example and just past and copy.

Thanks will try that now.

Thanks. I am half way there. I have exported the SVG as just the graphic and wording of my logo but it puts a large area of white space around the logo so it takes up more space that it needs.
Do you know a way to remove that?

I have to take a look at the SVG. Can you post the SVG? Or the url of the site. Or a screenshot.

I will have to upload it because its not a file type this site accepts. Will try and sort that.

I have managed some others SVG successfully.

What are this settings?

I changed those to pixels so it fitted into my page. The logo had too much white space around it - this is the webpage with a Webp image. The SVG didn’t fit in the same.

OK. I took a look at your site, I like it.

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Thanks. When I have time I’ll solve the SVG logo issue. I’ve been stripping the chuff out of the site and swapped icons for SVG to speed things up.

I seem to have sorted it by un-grouping and then re-grouping and then copying to a new file. It then exported fine as a SVG and seems to work as expected.

Thanks for the SVG tips.