Syntax and the common man

So, I just bought the Foundry plugins, and basically they’re amazing, but I had a question about the Syntax plugin - I was trying to use it to show some commandline use, and its colour choices for rendering the text are … unique. I couldn’t see any obvious way to alter the rendering engine, any regexp or what-have-you, so how do I change it ?

The text:

./configure —prefix=/opt/asic —with-tk=/opt/local —with-tcl=/opt/local
make install

renders as:

I kind of like how it’s trying to pull out ‘syntax’ from the text, but I’d like to change how it’s pulling out those different colours, they’re a bit … arbitrary … for my taste at the moment :slight_smile:


There is unfortunately not a way to define what gets colored or not or what is emphasized, etc like you’re hoping to do. The syntax highlighting is handled by Google’s Prettify syntax highlighting library.

Thanks for getting back so quickly :slight_smile: I guess I was trying to shoe-horn ‘syntax’ into doing something it wasn’t intended for, so fair-enough. I can get pretty much what I want with an HTML-text pre/pre combination anyway.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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