Tags Open to New Blank Page - No Entries

When I click on a Post’s tag, that I know has other posts associated with the same tag name, a new page opens but it is blank. There are no associated posts.For example, if I click on the Tag “Tips”, where there are multiple posts, the new page shows NO posts with the Tag Name of “Tips”. Have I set up something incorrectly?
Click for blog page

Good morning @IdahoSAM

Unfortunately since PHP is server side code I cannot see it to offer any insight solely from a link to the page. I’m going to need your project file. In this case it would also be helpful to have a copy of your posts folder too, just in case.

Send me a ZIP file containing both and I can have a look. Send it to adam at elixirgraphics dot com and I’ll have a look at it.

Blog project file and posts folder sent by email in a zipped file.

Hi @IdahoSAM

You have Category Only mode turned on for the Blog Entries stack that you’re placed within the Categories & Tags section of the Conditional.

The Category Only mode is for this:

Thanks Adam! I did not see that setting at the bottom. Now I know that it is there. Just one other thing that I noticed just now. The “Go Back” link for the Tag: page doesn’t show unless it is set to show at the bottom of the page. The only thing showing at the top left of the tags page is Tags: {tag name} if the setting for the Go Back Link is set to appear on the Top. Any ideas why?

Happy Holidays!

Yeah, that feature is turned off, unchecked, by default, so I suspect you checked it since you were putting it into the Categories section of the Conditional stack, thinking that they worked together.

I’ll have a look at this. Likely a bug or an oversight. I’ll see what is up with it and rectify it for a future update.