The blog editor has stopped working

The login page is just blank with no place to login. Editor

blogs have disappeared!

Hi @Evangelos,

That page certainly is rather empty.

Have you tried republishing all files?

  1. Open your project file in RapidWeaver
  2. Click File in the menu bar
  3. Click “Re-publish all files”


Yes, many times. Yes, many times.

I don’t understand, everything looks fine from RW.

Stepping back through what you did before it changed will help lead you to whatever happened. Alloy itself obviously hasn’t changed, so it is likely something in your project file, or with your server has changed.

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Everything looks the same. I’ll email you the project file. I’m not putting it here.

The only thing I’ve ever come across that would cause this is deleting every published post.


Hi, can you log in to your server with FTP and see if the blog posts folder is actually there?

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