The generate preview RW8 and Foundry 2

I have a problem of continuous refresh in the Generating Preview of Rapidweaver 8. Would I have accidentally started a function? Or is it Foundry 2?

Foundry doesn’t have any control over preview mode, or having the app trigger the generation of previews. That is handled by the app itself and plugins like Stacks. (2.9 MB)

I’ve had this issue several times. I think (and only think) it occurs on pages with php. Haven’t been bothered investigating (enough software bug investigating for work!). Nothing to do with Foundry. Maybe stacks I don’t know. I usually get around it by re-opening the project.

The only stack used outside of foundry is Popper from Shaking the Habitual to create a gray dotted background at the bottom of the page and in the different courses. Would he be nice guilty? :wink:

I do use Popper with Foundry but not on the pages I’m having issues with so I doubt that would be an issue.

As I mentioned above…

You’ll want to take this up with Realmac Software and YourHead Software who make RapidWeaver and Stacks, respectively.

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