I invite you to visit the new Digital Arts site created again and again with Rapidweaver and Foundry 2. Thank you Adam for your hard work on this version 2 of Foundry.

I am already working on corrections and improvements, such as the dimensions of certain texts on iPhone, on the CEO … if you have advice, reactions …

Take care of all of you!

Thierry Cuvelier


Salut @thc2603,

En dehors de votre excellent site Web, soit dit en passant, excellent travail. Vous avez des projets / travaux très intéressés, d’une grande créativité. Je vous félicite!

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It’s beautiful! So impressed, I would like to try this too - wondering which stacks… ? The scrolling of text and pictures really works. So well done, I’ve kept the tab open days to scroll! Looks like you’ve also set each page to work the same way. Just really nice.

(Sorry, accidental delete of this comment yesterday.)

Merci pour nos étudiants! Et pour nous enseignants : on sert vraiment à quelque chose… :wink:

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For Brenda, some captures screen and thanks for you feedback!

I’ve used the stacks of Foundry 2 and an extern stack Popper from Shaking the Habitual

thc2603, your site is as beautiful in edit mode as it is as a website! The aesthetics are all the way through, from beginning to end. Thank you so much for this insight into the way you built the site and the stacks you put together. A really fine job!

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Il y a peut-être un z-index à régler pour le menu qui n’est plus actif lorsque l’on fait défiler la page vers le bas, me semble-t-il.

Perhaps a z-index problem with navbar, not active when scrolling down.

Bonjour Anne,
j’ai vérifié chaque lien / page, mais je ne vois aucun problème au menu.
Je dois juste corriger un changement de fonte sur la page des 25 ANs.
Mais merci pour ta réaction. Peux-tu m’envoyer des captures d’écran?

Hello Anne,
I checked each link / page, but I don’t see any problem with the menu.
I just need to correct a font change on the 25 ANs page.
But thank you for your feedback. Can you send me screenshots?


Lorsque je fais défiler la page, son contenu semble venir au-dessus de la barre de menu. Les liens vers les autres pages ne sont alors plus cliquables chez moi.
Safari 13.0.5 - Mac Os Catalina 10.15.3

When I scroll down, the content of the page seems to float over the navigation bar. Then, the links are no more clickable.
Safari 13.0.5 - Mac Os Catalina 10.15.3

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Dans Safari 13.1 et Mac Os Catalina 10.15.4, je n’ai aucun soucis. Merci pour ton retour.

It also appears on earlier versions of Safari/OS X. Safari 12.1.2 on OS X 10.12.6

I have seen this too on Safari 13.1. There is also some weird stuff happening on IOS iPhone with some alarming jumping of the background images.

But nowhere in Mega Menu do I see a z-index tool? Or for each paragraph? … Weird, really strange … a solution to suggest to me?

Hi there @thc2603!

Mega Menu includes two z-index settings. They’re found in the Advanced section of the stack’s settings, as seen below. One if for the normal z-index, when not “stuck” to the top of the browser using sticky navigation. The other is for when the navigation is “stuck.”

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 11.35.41 AM

Nowhere? Why?

You are correct. I’m mistaken. That is something I’m working on for the next free update. That is a ways off right now thought. Sorry.

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What a pity! I’m going to have to be patient … a long time? :wink:

I don’t have a timeframe for the release. It is a big update so it could take a while.