The reason why I chose Foundry

I have all the “Big Three” platforms and the only one that really spoke to me in more ways than one is Foundry… As a novice User, extremely powerful platforms are really a big overkill (I am not saying that Foundry is not powerful) for me…

My needs are very basic and there is no need for me, to change every parameter. I just find that confusing and intimidating.

The tutorial “Build a One-Page Site” had sealed the deal with Foundry. I do not like Tutes that explain every little detail one by one. This Tute was perfectly done.

Ron from Canada


Thanks for the kind words @keyboard. There’s lots more to come for Foundry for both the novices and intermediate users as well as advanced customers, too. :smiley:


Hey Ron. You made a wise choice. For me, the videos, excellent documentation an highly responsive support is more than half the battle. I’m very impressed. Cheers.

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