Thought I would share my site built with Foundry!


This is my first site with Foundry! I took my old site and converted it to Foundry and then further enhanced it. Very happy with the results, Foundry is awesome!


Very, very nice site. Great job!

Nicely done.
The site is functional and easily accessible. Lots of good information presented cleanly and very professional looking. I think your site shows just how great RW and Foundry sites can look and function.

Incidentally, I just went through the process of purchasing a new fin box and fins for my SUP. I wish I could have went through your website. Would have been so much easier…

Looking really nice @handshaper! Good job. :+1:

Thanks to you and Foundry it was surprisingly easy to build a decent site, much appreciated!

That is awesome to hear! Look forward to seeing more things you build using Foundry!