Thunder pack sample file

I grabbed the Thunder Stack although, the sample project file was
not able to be opened because of my RW version 8.03. That’s too bad.
It should be come with both version7 and 8.
What do you think?

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I try to develop products in and for the latest version of the software. That said, when the project file was created not myself, nor others had yet discovered yet that project files in v8.1.x could not be opened in v8.0.x, otherwise I’d have opted to develop it in v8.0.x.

Honestly though I think I may stop supplying this sample project file. I think customers are getting hung up on these sample projects which do not do much more than show the stacks at work in a very simple setting. The sample project file is not a pre-built project that you’d use for a site, it is simply individual samples of the stacks. You get as much from the samples on the documentation pages.

My advice is this – open up RapidWeaver and start playing with the stacks. It will be more fun and you’ll learn way more about the stacks than you ever will just looking through that samples project file.

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Absolutely your saying is right. Your video tutorials are excellent so that I could get enough idea how to deal with Thunder stacks. And I think it might be a wise idea to play with these stacks around for a while. A quote: A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. Albert.Einstein

Thank you, Adam san