To FOUNDRY or not to foundry?

Hi all - I’ve been using rapid weaver for years - poorly… I LOVE lots of stacks by 1LD, Joe Workman, Elixir, and others - IF I jump to the freeform framework and accept the learning curve, etc… can I still use the stacks I love within my foundry framework, or am I restricted to recreating every element of my preference, with the 50 stacks in Foundry? I’d like to convert my current site with minimal work - and honestly I just love some of the features of my currently used (and some not currently used) stacks - and don’t want to find out I’ve wasted all of that time and money on previously purchased stacks too.

Too tell you the truth, I don’t really understand what Foundry (or foundation, pure, etc) is… but I’m tired of support responses telling me that the theme I’m using is restricting the features of the stack I just purchased… example…

Heroic Banner from 1LD, doesn’t allow my background on the stack to spread FULL WIDTH across my content area, when used in my current favourite theme by Elixir - Voyager Pro.

For those of you who are interested, please view - and view the attempted use of Heroic Banner on the home page… full width on mobile phones only, after some custom css code that the developer kindly sent me, but still not full width on desktop. These are the sorts of limitations I’m hoping to get around by jumping into Foundry - am I on the right track here?

Thanks SO MUCH in advance, for your input.


I no longer use premade themes. Foundry is great for designing what you want your site to be. There is a banner stack in Foundry that has a Hero option. Also, most stacks will work with Foundry. If you drop your Heroic Banner at the top of the page on its on, it will be full width. You can build just about any type of web design you can imagine with the freeform frameworks. And with Foundry the learning curve is not that steep. Adam has several support videos and documentation on the Foundry site that will help you. Plus, some free pre-made project files that you can download and poke around to see how things work.

Also, Adam is constantly working on improving Foundry in the future.


Thanks Steve! I’ll jump onto it I think - purchased just now, so will start playing and might post here, my first Foundry site for comment, as I’ve noticed others have done. Really appreciate your answer. I feel confident its a good move. Ta :slight_smile:


Most of my 100+ stacks work fine with foundry. After switching to foundry, I tend to use third party stacks for special taks only (like Siphon or Calculater or Forms or design stacks like Torus Knot) and use the foundry stacks whenever I can. It really is great to work with and the support from Adam is exceptional.


Hi Steve, as the rest of the guys mentioned most of the 3rd party stacks will work fine with Foundry. I must have a 500+ and looks like most of them are compatible (haven’t try all of them).

Basically you can do a lot with just the Foundry stacks, lot’s of possibilities on design and features. Quite easy to learn after playing a little bit around, my recommendation (after purchasing Foundry) to download a free Foundry project as Spark so on Edit mode you will have an idea on how it works and play around. Also the demo videos on Foundry will give you some directions. The support from Adam is good, apart of the Foundry forum support.

Have fun, Regards


Thanks so much for replying - yes I’ve downloaded Foundry now and I’m playing with rebuilding my site with it at the moment … I do have a problem getting DateSnap (yabdab from memory) to show any google or ical feeds, but it will show datesnap generated events. I’ll ask them if I can’t work it out)… I also use syphon ad quite a few others that look like they are integrating well. Will chuck the first published iteration of the site up soon and seek comment - Cheers again!


Cheers Tino! Yes working well so far - loving it actually - will be publishing the best version of my site so far, now that I’m onto Foundry. Just ironing out some kinks with third party stacks at the moment. Cheers again,

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