"too many H1 tags" ? - SEO Issue?

Hi all - running an SEO checker thingie through Chrome (an extension)… one issue found that I can’t work out how to correct is this… would appreciate someone helping me work out how to find and remove the three “My Website” headers that I can’t locate… website is www.getscanned.com.au … (pasting error below) - THANKS ALL :slight_smile:


WARNING too many

tags(4 items)

h1 My Website (10 characters)

h1 My Website (10 characters)

h1 My Website (10 characters)

h1 Get Scanned in Craigieburn (26 characters)

@fitnesskey , I can’t reach www.getscanned.com.au, but the idea behind SEO is that you use only one H1 per page. Crawlers (Google, Bing,…) like a clear structure. The H1 will be indexed as the main title of your webpage. Next they will look at H2, H3, etc.


Thanks Hans - yes this is what I’ve learned too - hence I’ve discovered and am now trying to work out how to remove these first three aberrant ‘My Website’ H1 headings, that have somehow (certainly not deliberately by me), been created. its the same situation on every page on my site. Can I also ask why you can’t reach my website? As far as I can tell it’s live and working - I certainly hope so! Cheers.

Hi @fitnesskey , this is what I get:

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 16.22.49

Can you give us a live link?


Oh cheers… it’s and .au site… https://www.getscanned.com.au

Ok, thanks @fitnesskey , this link works fine.

I can’t really see what’s going on here. I can only imagine you used multiple H1 on your site. In the Foundry Control Center Stack you can determine the size of each Header. There’s nothing wrong by making H2 the same size as H1, although it doesn’t make much sense. At first view, your headers look pretty much the same size to me.


Cheers. Are you able to see where the three parent headers that say “My Website” are located? These have been automatically created somehow by Rapidweaver or Foundry - not by me… all I want to do is find and remove them. They are not evident to me, and I would not have created them myself. I consciously only created one H1 per page - the name of the page title. These have been detected preceding my H1, somewhere in the background by SEO crawlers that are showing them in SEO reports and suggesting they will negatively effect my SEO as Google, etc does not like more than 1 x H1. I just want them gone but I can’t see them anywhere in the structure of my pages, nor can I work out how to see the 'back end of my pages to try to find them there. Sorry if I haven’t been making sense with my queries. It’s doing my head in. I do appreciate your efforts. Steve.

I have no idea. I ran your site trough Seobility | Online SEO Software & Free SEO Tools and it shows there are several H1s on your site. You should check your RW project to find out where they are located.

Very strange indeed.


PS This said, I just checked my own website (3 languages) and it seems I have more than 1 H1 as well, which is not the case. H1 is the same for the 3 languages. I wouldn’t bother too much.

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Perhaps you use the Visibility stack and have H1 headers for mobile and H1 headers for desktop?

@fitnesskey Please create a ZIP file containing your project file and share it with us. You can share it using a service like WeTransfer to make a download link for us and posting that link here in this thread.

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It looks like the H1 tags are being generated multiply times by Navbar Pro, one for each breakpoint.

There was a time when Google (alledgedly) cared about H1 tags on a page, now they don’t. In multiply interviews Google reps have repeatedly said you can use lots or none, it makes no difference, now. So long as they are used “sensibly”.

Googles mostly uses things like header tags to understand a page structure. So, so long as your multiply H1 tags are used in some sort of structure, it’ll make feck all difference to your rankings.

Looking at the source of your page the multiply uses of H1 follows a very clear structure, with different breakpoints clearly mentioned in the code, so I wouldn’t worry about them.

Worth noting that most “SEO” checkers are garbage.

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Nope that’s definitely not it. So strange.

Thanks mate yeah that makes sense actually as they are being detected above the one that I created… and the only thing higher on the pages is indeed the nav-bar. Cheers for the advice re their probable irrelevance. I might zip and share as Elixr has requested still, as it’s probably worth solving if easy enough. Cheers.

Thanks will work on doing that…

Then it is mostly a page title. Check the Navbar Site Title Tag settings:
Use SPAN if you have another h1 tag on your site…


That’s a great tip. I hadn’t spotted that setting option. Setting it to span changes the site-title tag from H1 to span. Only think to add I guess would be to add your own H1 header somewhere near the top of the page.

Thanks for the heads up on that @Fuellemann


That’s IT! @Fuellemann thanks so much (and everyone else too)… You found the exact cause of the three unwanted H1 tags on each page of my site… Changed to SPAN and all three are gone and now the only H1 on each page is the one I want. Cheers SO MUCH. @elixirgraphics - this is the solution mate. It appears your Navbar/Pro defaults to creating H1 tags unless you change it to SPAN… perhaps defaulting to SPAN would be better, as I imagine most like me, would not want the page title to be in the Navigation Bar? Cheers :slight_smile: Steve.


Defaulting to and <h1> tag is the proper default for a site title. As I mentioned, I’d like to look at your project file, but you’ve not provided a download link as of yet. If you do so I can provide more insight after looking it over if there’s more to be given.

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Apologies for my naive assertion / question mate. I did try repeatedly for about 12 hours, to upload the file to create the link - would not work - simply wouldn’t get to 100%. Wish I could do as requested. Then, when Fullermann solved the issue for me anyway, I left it. Apologies for that too. I do appreciate the offer to look at my project file, but at least this issue is resolved anyway. Cheers again.

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I would still like to look at your project file. If you could, make a separate copy of the file just for sending to me, and within that duplicated project file delete all pages except the one in question. That should make it a bit smaller. Then ZIP and upload it to WeTransfer and share that link with me.

After looking over the code this morning, my memory was refreshed. The way Navigation Bar Pro’s layout is generated is such that is needs to have present all of the options and then hide / show the elements you opt to have at the particular breakpoints to which they’re assigned.

Stacks allows us to do this, to an extent. I can push the Stacks API’s %[if]% statement for parsing these choices a little further, but it would take something beyond what the API allows for me to take it far enough – at least with the way the stack is currently designed.

I’ll keep this in mind though for a future update to see if I can restructure things a bit without breaking the functionality for current users of the stack. Maybe it will eventually morph into something else even. We’ll have to see how it goes. For now you should be fine though…

As @TemplateRepo points out, you can have more than one h1 tag per page. It isn’t going to cause you problems as I understand it. Though the only people who really know are those at Google and the other search engines.