Topper Images will suddenly not upload anymore

All of a sudden the topper image (on my clients website) will not upload anymore, whatever we try.
Weird because it used to work fine and I did not touch anything on the Rapidweaver-side :wink:
I explored all posts here in the community (such as: ‘can’t upload topper images’ (nov '20); avoided spaces in the naming of the images; set the dimensions and size to small / 72dpi. Nope. No result.
All stacks are up to date, re-published the website. It’s running on PHP 8.1
What can this be? Or where to look? I’m puzzled…

Did you update to v8.1 recently? Have you changed any other PHP settings? Do you have access to your PHP error log file? If so ZIP that up and send it to me in a direct message. Also if you have the ability you might also try updating to PHP v8.2.