Towards Infinity: FlowerPower

Blumen Grund

If you are uncertain with words, then you should rever to the language of flowers. But to hit the right note, you need a master of bouquets. Jessica Grund is one of those and I am happy I could redesign her website.


You’re on a roll @Fuellemann

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Good day, @Fuellemann - I’ve seen several of your sites and I’ve noticed something - your color choices are both very simple and appropriate to the subject. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s one of those touches that make a difference in the user experience. It’s one of the small things that can make visiting a site more enjoyable.

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Hello Doug and thank you very much. It was easy here as the client had a good designer to provide the colors. Many times I have a look at this site first, even though I still change the combinations:

And yes, the small things provide the difference between a good looking and a lacking site. I tend to think complex and step by step I reduce the complexity until I can get to the message of the site. Then I put up a test website for the client. I most cases it hits the mark and I can continue to work on that design.

Again thank you very much. I really appreciate your thoughts :blush:


I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now! Vielen dank!



Great - I just posted it on the RW forum as it might be of help to others as well :slight_smile: