Towards the 25: A Consultant in Berlin

Marlen Nebelung Consulting

Consulting. Coaching. Working with art. Lectures.

We can do a lot for success and happiness: self-knowledge, conscious design of coherent communication and productive cooperation, concentration on strengths and positive emotions and self-leadership are some good cornerstones of success on a large and small scale - for the individual, the team, the organization as well as active social participation.

I used mainly the Foundry stacks with one exception: The Image Card stack from Weavium.


You’ve done a beautiful job with this site.

On the Profil page, you have a couple of grids with colored blocks with text inside. I’m thinking especially of the KOOPERATIONSPARTNER area. What did you use to create it? (I’m currently brain dead: I know I should recognize the stack(s) used.)

Are the Image Card stacks mainly used on the home page? Why especially did you like it? The subtle movement when hovering over? The text inside each one? Both? Something else?

Congrats again. I hope she (the client) is very happy with the site you created.

I agree! Work you did with the site is inspiring :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed is that the email address on that site, in the Contact page, is visible in the code even though there is some script to say it is protected by javascript.


Hi and thank you all very, very much. About the questions and remarks:

@mitchellm the colored blocks are just three column stacks on top of each others. Every cell has a defined background color in the columns Advanced settings.

@webdeersign I use the Obscure Email stack from Doobox to hide the Email address. It does work for the source code, but it seems if you check the elements of the site, it does show the address. So I do not know if the harvesters look more at the source code or if they check the elements as well? What would be the best way to protect the address in these cases?

@TapioMichael Thank you!

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The “source code” is exactly what the bots use so the email is not being obfuscated or hidden in any way. I just checked the Doobox site and their demo doesn’t work either if you examine the code with Developer Tools.

There are loads of obfuscation free sites where you just enter your email and then paste the html code into a paragraph stack.

I went here to and obfuscated and the following code was created:
<a href="javascript:location='mailto:\u0061\u0062\u0063\u0040\u0061\u0062\u0063\u002e\u0063\u006f\u006d';void 0">EMAIL</a>
You cannot easily see the email in the code above.

PS Email obfuscation isn’t perfect but is far better than no protection which is what you have at the moment.

Thank you. I would rather not use a third party for such a service. But I check with Doobox and/or look for another stack which might help me here…

Here is the reply from doobox:

"Robots can not see the email address.
It is generated and placed in the html only at the time of the document load event. Robots do not load the html like a browser does, so this event never happens for them.

Kind Regards
Gary Simpson
Doobox Software"

@Fuellemann Thanks for the tip regarding columns. Stacking column stacks I surmised, but I actually did not know about the Advanced > Equal Height Columns hidden feature of coloring the column blocks. Very nice and simple to do (once you know about it).


Btw: yes, I like the image card stack for the subtle movement, the hover effects and the shadow - it is everything in one stack and it would be much more difficult to use different stacks to achieve these effects…

I kind of see what he is saying but if that works then great. I am more used to seeing a scrambled email address that a readable one in the code. If that code is not written until a browser loads the page then in principle it sounds good.

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@Fuellemann Thanks. Plus you left out a very important factor: it’s free! I’ll start playing with it next week.

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Still, please donate!

Yes, of course. If I start using it then donation will be sent!