Trying to purchase Voyager pro

I have just tied to purchase Voyager Pro but my card was frozen as my bank thought this was suspicious activity now I have unfrozen my card your site won’t let me purchase and dispays the message “You have been automatically blocked from placing further orders due to multiple failed attempts”. Please can you help? Also is there an alternative way of contacting support rther than via this public forum? Thanks

Hi there @zenawatt – Click on my avatar on this post and shoot me a direct message with your email address and I’ll unblock the freeze from the failed purchase attempt.

Adam sorry but when I click on your Avatar I don’t see any way of sending a DM to you

It should look like this. I have to use yours as an example since it won’t allow me to DM myself. :laughing: If you’ve signed up recently the system may not have granted you messaging permissions yet. If that is the case let me know.

You should be good to go now. Auto block removed. :+1:

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