Two Foundry forms on the same page?

I have two Foundry forms on the same landing page. One form is set to display only on mobile phones, the other on tablets and desktops.

My problem is this: When one form is submitted, two confirmation mails are received and I am assuming that is is because the submit event is firing for both forms.

Does anyone know of a workaround so that only one submission is received?

Hello @Beemerang The form stack is responsive, why are you using 2 of them? The form should adapt corretly to every width. Or maybe I’m not seeing what you are trying to do with both forms.

Also the form is quite easy (if you know how to do it) to style the layout with some CSS, which is what I did here at to reduce to width of the form.

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Thanks for the responses, guys. The two forms are due to the design (2 columns in banner on desktop with one form in 2nd column on desktop and another form in modal stack on mobile)

I guess I’ll have to use HTML/PHP to create a custom form if the client doesn’t want to adapt the design.

The simple form stack is meant for a single usage on a page. Since its fields are not customizable and it is meant only as a simple contact form there wasn’t a need to allow multiples on a page.