Two Sites apache Hosting

I am new to Alloy, but found it very practical with embeds, droplets and blog features.
I had my site hosted on a AWS Linux2 AMI.
Now I would like to host another site on the same machine, where, for the same company but for another branch I want to host another site, with its own alloy instance.
the procedure would be in the var/www/html/ folder, create two folders Site1 and Site2, edit the http.conf file.
but… nowadays I have in var/www/html/ all the sites files and the folders posts, embeds and “droplets”, that are protected…
I would have to “move” them to the Site1 folder? Right?
How to go about this?

I found it out.
I created var/www/html/site1 and site2 folder.
used sudo mv -i droplets embeds image-upload posts site1
republished… and all works.
the second site I changed Route63 dns settings, put all files in site2 folder… did modify the http.conf file including two “virtualhost” settings… and now all works. at least it seems…

if I now start ALLOY on site2… will that work… with the same php backend?
Can I have other Editor, blog, embeds, login password for editor… etc.? on the same server, same php backend?

Not sure what you’re referring to by “PHP Backend.” If you mean can you run multiple Alloy Blogs on the same server, then the answer is yes. You can even have multiple Allow installs in one project file for the same site, but each must have their own Editor as they’re different installs.