Two Sliders Break My Web View

If I use 2 sliders in the same page with different configurations, my website starts seeing like this:

The problem that using two sliders automatically oversize my website defacing it.

Good morning @lucovan – I see you’ve posted this same thing a few days ago here: Two Sliders Break My Web View

Please don’t double-post the same exact topic. I’ve been away from the computer for a few days, as announced here (Announcement -- Out of office days coming up) and will try to look over everyone’s questions and help where applicable. I or someone else will get to your post in order and due time to see if we can’t find the problem with your page. I suspect it is image sizing / settings in your image tool. But someone will need to look through the project file you’ve provided to be sure. Either that or you can try adjusting your images.

Again though, please don’t double-post the same thing multiple times. I’m going to close the second thread you started today.

Thanks a lot and sorry, I couldn’t find the first one so I assume there was been some kind of problem to post it. I’ll try the image sizing.

Solved! It’s not the image sizing, is the background stack “overflow visible” option, once disabled it’s fixed.

Glad you got it sorted. :blush:

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