Typeface - View Assigned Typeface

Can you show the assigned Typeface number in edit mode for the stack?

It would be nice to easily see the assigned Typeface number similar to the font name, weight and fallback at a glance in edit mode. Currently, we need to click on each one to see it’s assignment.

Btw, thanks for all your hard work.

This was a requested feature by the beta testers. So, that is why there is a notes section. I just put in the typeface number and what it is for. Say headers for instance. Or banner headers. Paragraphs, etc…


With the way stacks works I only have access to the value that is selected and not the label. So for instance if you select Typeface 1 from the drop down that value it passes to the stack is the class name in the class name associated with that selection. In this case is would be foundry-typeface-one. While this means something to me and that stack itself, it isn’t very descriptive.

If I had access to the label value as well, which in this case is Typeface 1 I would gladly display that in the stack. But alas the API doesn’t provide me that. So instead I opted for the Notes section that @Steve_J mentioned so that users could annotate the stack with that information, and more, relating to their font choices.



I know how you pay attention to the details, and I should have figured there was a reason why it wasn’t shown. Thanks for the detailed explanation as to why.

No problem. Glad to help. The notes section of the stack though should do the trick! :memo:

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